Specifics of a Resinated System

A Resinated resin bound surface consists of:

  • Aggregate

       Natural gravels, crushed rock, marble and recycled materials.​

  • UV Stable clear and flexible resin binder.

​Resinated System is a cold lay process. The resin bound aggregate is mixed with the UV binder to ensure each particle of aggregate is fully resin coated, resulting in an expert installation

Surface Types

We recommend the following types of bases for a Resinated Installation System:


Tarmac is an ideal base for a Resinated system as it can be laid directly onto the surface. Tarmac also has to be free from oils and debris free prior to the installation.



Concrete also provides a suitable base for the Resinated system, but we recommend that a Resinated primer is applied prior to installation. If expansion joints are present in the existing area, the joint must continue through to the Resinated surface. There are a number of options on the market that provide an aesthetically pleasing and suitable finish.

Other Applications 

Resinated systems can be used for other decorative applications such as: garden paths, patios, tree pits and surrounds. 


In some cases it may be necessary to install an ACO drainage system, but we can advise you of this following a site visit survey. An ACO drainage system would generally be used on a driveway with a steep incline.


Man hole Covers


In the event you have an existing man hole, Resinated will replace this with a recessed cover, that will allow the man hole to blend seemlessly into your new Resinated resin installation. Dont worry in the event it needs accessing, it will allow for this.