How much weight will my

driveway take once laid ?

A Resinated system is installed

at a depth of 18mm, which is strong

enough to withstand even heavy

traffic. Domestic traffic takes vans,

cars at a 15mm depth. 

What does my Guarantee cover ?

All Resinated systems come inclusive of a 10 Year Guarantee that covers you against:

  • Loose stones

  • Cracking

  • UV degredation & colour change

  • Frost damage

  • Workmanship

How is RESINATED different from

it's competitors ?

Resinated was founded by a specialist

groundworker and resin installer. 

Resinated are proactive in providing

our customer with pioneering solutions,

we offer a transparent service. All

and any questions will be given the

upmost priority. 

Does Resin crack if water freezes under it ?

Resin is permable and water cannot penetrate the stone, as each individual stone is resin coated. It has been BBA certified and tested at temperatures to -50c, meaning it's suitable for highways and public walkways.  

No resin systems should never be laid over flags or block paving. Resin should only be installed onto a solid base to warrant a guarantee. Laying over block or flags will cause problems with cracking and sinking.

What surface can I install onto ?

A solid sub-base is required for a Resinated system to be installed, this could be existing tarmac or concrete. Subsequently if the existing sub-base has cracks, we advise laying a new sub-base before installation.

How long should I leave it before I park my car on the drive ?

Once the driveways is laid, we recommend that it is left for 24hrs for the driveway to fully cure for pedestrian traffic, 3 days to fully cure for vehicular traffic. A longer curing time will be needed for cooler temperatures.

Is a Resin driveway more expensive than Block paving ? 

With regards to cost, a resin bound surface has more of a consistent  price point, whereas block paving materials can fluctuate dramatically. Generally resin bound surfaces can offer competitve if not a cheaper alternative to block paving.

Can Resin be laid over flagstones and block paving ?