Prices for a Resinated {resin bound} overlay system range from £70 - £80 per sq.m and a full dig out including newly installed sub-base range from £130 - £150 per sq.m.

How much does a resin driveway cost ?

This is a popular topic on most peoples lips, with a resin installation there are many different factors and levels of service expected to determine the overall square meter price.

Such as current sub base condition, size, design specifications, aggregate required, edging design and any design inserts the customer requires. 

To sum it up Resinated will strive to accommadate customers budgets, providing a competitve price without neglecting our impecable installation process. The bottom line is the customer decides how minimal or bespoke they wish, the more bespoke the higher the cost will usually be. 


At Resinated we collaborate with manufacturers in new pioneering solutions to bring our customers the most advanced specifications, to ensure your driveway will stand the test of time. We are so confident in our Resinated system, that we provide our customers with a 10 year Guarantee.


The most effective way to plan the cost of your installation would be to contact our in house team to assist you further.  


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