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10 amazing reasons to choose a Resin Bound Driveway

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

In recent years the demand for resin bound paving has grown exponentially, in turn this has led to a growth in cowboy companies offering sub-standard installations. Annoyingly, this gives 'us ' the premium paving industry a bad name. Resin when installed correctly can not only look phenomenal but can last 25 years or more.

Over the coming years customers have become aware of permeable solutions whether that be due to the extreme flooding we have experienced in recent years, or that consumers are immersing themselves with the knowledge to prevent 'the cowboys'

Resin being a relatively new product means, it is one of the few trades within the construction industry without a governing body. This is one of the reasons Resinated was born, tired of being sub-contracted to rectify sub-standard installations, ran by sales people with little to no knowledge of the basic principles of groundworks or resin systems. Resinated is on a mission to provide quality, knowledgeable workmanship that leaves the customer with peace of mind.

But enough about us, today I shall provide you with some great reasons that a resin surface might just be exactly what you are looking for.

I think everyone can agree that resin is an aesthetically pleasing surface to look upon, and here is my list for you consider:

1. Looks the Business

Like we have just mentioned it looks the part, it is also extermely versatile and allows installers to create pretty much anything that you can dream up....... FANTASTIC, you can have that unicorn with polka dots design you've always dreamed of. Maybe a little extreme for some, but you get the idea. I cant say we have ever installed such a design but how amazing would that eye catcher be ? Resin can incorporate most designs most are possible with this medium.

2. No Planning Permission Needed

Fandabydozi, one less headache to overcome. In 2008 the government legislation states only planning permission is required for areas over 5m2 and surfaces that aren't permeable.

3. Did I mention it's Permeable ?

Yes it is indeed, so basically it allows the flow of water to pass right throught it.

4. Weather Resistant

Another amazing feature, it doesn't freeze in winter, soften in summer or fade in the suns rays {if we ever get any}

5. Low Maintenance

This for me is a big win, with everyone's life these days running at light speed, low mainteinance is a very attractive feature. Resin needs a general brush and the occasional power wash, and it will keep your resin as good as new. But if that is still too much hassle you could always instruct Resinated to do the job for you.

6. It reduces the 'heat island' effect: materials such as concrete and asphalt absorb and store heat, whereas permeable paving allows the soil underneath to breathe in turn reducing surface temperatures.

You still with me ? Fantastic

7. Long Lasting

Resin is an extremely durable surface, when installed properly, Kev and his corner cutting is a definate No No. As I was saying if resin is installed efficiently and of course maintained correctly, it can last in excess of 25 years.

8. Natural Filtration

As rain or surface water drain through the sub base it created a natural filtration, removing impurities and reducing pollutants caused by oils and metals.

9. SuDS compliant {Sustainable Urban Drainage}

Introduced by the Environment Agency to help manage the risk of flood and improve water quality.

10. Reduced Puddles

Another fantastic reason, there is nothing worse than having a new installation and it puddles {according to the wife} Resin reduces water run off and flash flooding. Win Win

How it compares to traditional paving

* Requires more maintenance

* Retains heat island effect

* Not a long lasting product

* Not as aethetically pleasing {in my opinion}

* Creates puddles

* Impermeable

* Not weather resistant

* Not SuDS compliant

Now I have provided you with the reasons we believe resin is a fantastic surface, hopefully it will provide you with some food for thought.

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