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Resin Bound vs Resin Bonded

Even though they sound very similar in name a bound and a bonded application a very different. In this article we will provide you will valuable information so that you the client can make an informed decision, when it comes to your home improvments.

Resinated supply Resin Bound. This system mixes either natural aggregate, marble or recycled glass and clear resin throughly together in a forced action mixer. During this process, each partocle of stone is fully encapsulated in the resin and laid immediatley on the base, to provide a smooth permeable finish. Using a resin bound system allows Resinated to combine different size and coloured stones, offering a multitude of bespoke finishes.

In summary, a resin bound system delivers a permeable, multi-layer, durable, non-slip surface, because the finish leaves no loose stones. Guarenteed !

Resin bonded which we DO NOT supply, is an installation that involves applying a screed of resin to the surface, which dry clean aggregates is scattered upon it: to completley cover the resin. Once cured the excess stone is swept away.

In summary a resin bonded system creates a non-permeable single layer surface. Because the stone only adheres to the resin on one side, this leaves potential for the stones to loosen.

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